Environmental Consulting Engineers

At Integro Design Engineering Associates (IDEA LTD), our focus lies in delivering comprehensive environmental engineering services to various sectors. Specialising in the fields of chemical manufacturing, distilling, polymer recycling, energy, and utilities, our team offers a range of expert services.

Specialised Support for Industries

We cater to the specific needs of chemical and process plants within the distilling, chemical manufacturing, polymer recycling, energy, and utilities sectors. Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of services, including:

Compliance and Assessment

We assist with various assessments such as COMAH support, CDOIF assessment, ENVID assessment, BAT assessment, and environmental risk assessment. We conduct detailed design reviews and perform cost-benefit analyses.

Support Services

Our services include report submission, MATTE identification and assessment, and evaluating engineering decisions and processes using established assessment tools. Learn more about our extensive range of services available.

Environmental Consulting Engineering

Our suite of services spans a wide range of critical assessments and strategic support to ensure environmentally sound operations and compliance. Our expertise includes:

COMAH Support

We can provide support in COMAH report submission, MATTE identification and Bow-Tie Diagrams.

CDOIF Assessment

Identification and assessment of MATTE following CDOIF guidelines, environmental risk assessment


Environmental impact identification and assessment

BAT Assessment

Evaluation and appraisal of engineering decisions and processes using recognised assessment tools.

Design Review

Optioneering and review of design against operability, legal and other requirements.

Environmental Risk Assessment

From concept through to commissioning, we provide chair and scribe for ENVID and HIRA assessment to inform your design process and make recommendations for efficient, compliant operations.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Carry out a cost benefit in support of ALARP demonstration.

Environmental Management Systems

We design and implement flexible systems which deliver compliant design and operations and support your stakeholder engagement processes.

Expertise in Flexible Solutions

Our team is proficient in chairing and scribing ENVID and HIRA assessments. We specialise in designing adaptable systems that ensure compliance in design and operations, fostering stakeholder engagement processes.

For a comprehensive approach to environmental engineering, contact us. We specialise in environmental management system design and implementation, providing tailored solutions for diverse environmental challenges.

What is Environmental Consulting?

Environmental engineering integrates science and engineering principles to address environmental challenges and promote sustainability. Key aspects include:

  1. Impact Assessment: Evaluating and mitigating project effects on ecosystems and human health.
  2. Resource Management: Efficiently managing water, land, and energy resources.
  3. Waste Management: Designing eco-friendly waste treatment and recycling systems.
  4. Pollution Control: Developing solutions to control and remediate pollution.
  5. Sustainable Design: Creating eco-friendly infrastructure and technologies.

Environmental engineers play a vital role in industry compliance, promoting sustainable practices, and shaping policies for a greener, healthier future.

CDOIF Assessments

CDOIF (Control of Major Accident Hazards Dropped Objects Inspection Framework) Assessments are essential in identifying and evaluating Major Accident Threats to the Environment (MATTE) in various industries. At IDEA, we offer specialised support for CDOIF assessments. Our team conducts comprehensive evaluations in line with CDOIF guidelines, meticulously identifying and assessing environmental risks. We excel in providing guidance and solutions to mitigate potential major accident hazards, ensuring adherence to industry regulations. Our expertise in these assessments enables us to assist in implementing robust control measures, thereby enhancing safety protocols and preventing environmental mishaps.

Why Choose Us for Environmental Consulting Engineers?

At Integro Design Engineering Associates (IDEA LTD), our edge in environmental consulting engineering stems from a blend of expertise, tailored solutions, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Tailored Expertise:

Our multidisciplinary team of chartered engineers offers comprehensive environmental engineering services spanning diverse sectors like chemicals, distilled spirits, whisky manufacturing, and energy from waste. We provide specialised solutions for compliance, risk assessments, and environmental impact evaluations, ensuring industry-specific support.

Exceptional Solutions:

With a focus on sectors such as distilling, chemical manufacturing, and utilities, we excel in supporting compliance efforts and conducting rigorous assessments. From thorough risk evaluations to adaptive systems design, our goal is to deliver adaptable, client-centric environmental solutions.

Choose IDEA LTD for industry-tailored environmental consulting services backed by expertise, adaptability, and a commitment to exceeding industry standards. Learn more about us and why you should work with IDEA today.

Work with Us for Tailored Environmental Solutions

We’re dedicated to providing cutting-edge environmental engineering solutions across a spectrum of industries. Our team’s expertise in diverse sectors, combined with our commitment to tailored, compliant, and innovative approaches, ensures that we deliver high-quality, sustainable solutions. For comprehensive environmental consulting services that prioritise excellence and industry-specific solutions, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does environmental engineering entail?

Environmental engineering involves applying scientific and engineering principles to address environmental challenges. It covers aspects such as impact assessment, resource management, waste treatment, pollution control, and sustainable design.

Why is environmental engineering important for industries?

Environmental engineering ensures industries operate sustainably, reducing environmental impact. It helps in complying with regulations, minimising waste, and creating efficient, eco-friendly processes.

What are the key services provided by environmental engineers?

Environmental engineers offer a range of services, including environmental impact assessments, compliance support, risk assessments, design reviews, and the implementation of systems to manage and mitigate environmental risks.