Electrical Engineering & Design

Integro Design Engineering Associates (IDEA) Ltd. specialises in delivering high-quality electrical design and engineering services tailored to specific sectors. We cater to industries such as distilling, chemical manufacturing, polymer recycling, energy, and utilities. Our expert team of electrical engineers provides a range of comprehensive services designed to meet the unique needs of each sector.

Comprehensive Range of Electrical Engineering Expertise

Our multi-disciplined team of chartered engineers offers diverse electrical engineering services. This includes electrical design, engineering documentation, arch flash protection studies, documentation review, lightning protection, and earthing studies. We specialise in power distribution engineering, ensuring compliance with codes and safety standards. Moreover, we excel in preparing and developing essential engineering documents, including single-line diagrams, protection and metering diagrams, schematic diagrams, layout drawings, data sheets, and cable schedules.

Tailored Solutions and Expert Consultation

Integro Design Engineering Associates (IDEA) Ltd. provides tailored electrical engineering solutions for chemical plants, distilling facilities, polymer recycling, and utility sectors. Our team's proficiency in electrical design and engineering ensures a comprehensive approach to meet the specific needs of various industries. Contact us to benefit from our expertise and consultation for your electrical engineering requirements.

What is Electrical Engineering Design?

Electrical engineering design encompasses the strategic process of creating, developing, and implementing electrical systems and solutions. It involves the application of engineering principles to design electrical components, systems, and infrastructure, ensuring functionality, safety, and compliance with industry standards. This specialised field focuses on conceptualising, planning, and executing electrical designs for various sectors, including power distribution, protection systems, and engineering documentation. At IDEA Ltd., our electrical engineering design services are geared towards providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific industries, ensuring efficiency and safety in electrical systems.


Our team has the following capabilities:

Electrical Design

Power distribution Engineering with detailed calculations to determine cable sizing, volt drop, fault current, discrimination and earthing requirements. Equipment specification and site survey to determine cable routing and containment strategy.

Engineering Documentation

Preparation, development and approval of engineering documents to complement the Electrical Design Basis, including; Single Line Diagrams, Protection and Metering Diagrams, Schematic Diagrams, Layout drawings, Data Sheets, Cable Schedules and Protection Coordination Study Reports.

Arc Flash Protection Studies

Arc Flash calculations for both legacy and new protection systems to determine arc fault, arc energy and working distance. Determine PPE category requirements for working on or near equipment. Arc Flash Protection Devices (AFDD) specification to monitor and protect final circuits from unexpected arcing, which could lead to a fire.

Documentation Review

Detailed analysis of Vendor and Client documentation to ensure all Electrical Engineering requirements are to current standards.

Lightning Protection & Earthing Studies

Lightning protection requirements for protection of personnel and plant. Surge Protection Device(SPD) sizing. Earthing requirements including equipment and infrastructure bonding.

Why Choose IDEA for Electrical Engineering Design?

At IDEA Ltd., our multidisciplinary team of chartered engineers excels in delivering comprehensive and specialised electrical engineering design services. Our proficiency spans various sectors, including distilling, chemical manufacturing, polymer recycling, energy, and utilities. We stand out due to our in-depth expertise in power distribution engineering, meticulous documentation, and thorough safety measures like arch flash protection studies. With a focus on tailored solutions, our services are designed to meet the unique needs of each industry. Choosing IDEA means gaining access to a dedicated team committed to ensuring code compliance, safety, and the efficient functioning of electrical systems across diverse sectors.

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Choose IDEA for Specialised Electrical Engineering Solutions

Our commitment to excellence in electrical engineering design remains unwavering. With a dedicated team of chartered engineers proficient in a range of industries, we offer tailored solutions that prioritise safety, compliance, and efficiency. Our expertise in power distribution engineering, meticulous documentation, and specialised safety measures sets us apart. For innovative, reliable, and customised electrical engineering solutions, contact us today. Let IDEA be your trusted partner in achieving optimised electrical systems for your industry.

Contact us now to discuss your electrical engineering needs and discover how IDEA can elevate your systems with our tailored solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific electrical engineering services do you offer?

Our services encompass a wide array of offerings, including electrical design, engineering documentation, arch flash protection studies, lightning protection, earthing studies, power distribution engineering, and the preparation of essential engineering documents such as diagrams, layouts, data sheets, and cable schedules.

How do you ensure safety and compliance in electrical engineering design?

Safety and compliance are our top priorities. We utilise meticulous calculations, detailed documentation, and specialised studies like arch flash protection to guarantee code compliance, safety, and protection against unforeseen electrical hazards.

Can you tailor your electrical engineering services to specific industry requirements?

Absolutely. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions for each industry we serve. We understand that different sectors have unique needs, and our services are customised to ensure efficiency and functionality specific to your industry.